Beretta 92FS pen with support

€680.33 €680.33
Technical Characteristics
Pen support: designed in the shape of the Beretta 92’s bolt carrier, manufactured in metal machined and turned by hand from solid bars, polished and nickelplated
Ballpoint pen: manufactured in metal machined and turned by hand from solid bars; rotating mechanisms, large ink-refill capacity, polished and nickel-plated.
The pen and its support are sequentially numbered.

It all started from an idea by Sereno Innocenti and Maurizio Abrami, as a tribute to Ugo Gussalli Beretta. One afternoon at the end of March, by pure luck and coincidence, Sereno Innocenti meets Maurizio Abrami in his pen store, Lazzaroni-Gioielli. The meeting takes place in the laboratory, a genuine inner shrine of the fountain pen; but it is then on the table in an old tavern in the hills around Genoa that the first sketch of the Beretta pen is jotted down on a borrowed piece of paper. Then, the sketch is improved and detailed to create a real form, and a shape materializes by the intertwining of colored pencils: the test project is thus born. For Sereno Innocenti, professor of Engineering, the meeting with Beretta is in a certain sense a bridge between the University of Brescia and one of the leading companies in the province; for Abrami (who has created many lines of fountain pens, produced by different companies such as Mille Miglia and the City of Brescia), it is a coming together of two objects, the gun and the pen, which both require a grip that is at once relaxed and self-assured. The design and guidelines of the product are inspired form the dimensional and geometric relation between a barrel and a receiver, while the clip of the pen owes its shape to the Beretta trident logo. The same material used to create this pen follows the spirit of the gun without forgetting the nobility inherent a writing instrument. The product is completed by its own package featuring the drawing of the outline of the gun, as well as a reproduction of Villa Beretta, forever the global icon of the brand.
Project and Design by:Sereno Innocenti , Professor and Architect
Technical Design: Maurizio Abrami
Manufacturing Company: Delta-Artigiani della Scrittura

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