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With Cobra discover the wildlife like never before. The innovative coating Dynamic Contrast-Coating weblog STEINER increases the contrast between wildlife and its natural habitat. The wildlife will be more easily identified, despite his innate ability to blend in the woods or in the foliage.

With this feature, you will always be a decisive step forward to nature
Perfectly camouflaged and yet immediately identified: thanks to the incredible contrast enhancement that characterizes the coating Dynamic Contrast-Coating weblog STEINER, animals no longer be able to hide.
The coating-Coating Dynamic Contrast allows you to spot the hidden animals blocking the colors of haze and foliage and enhancing the visibility of the typical colors of wildlife such as brown or red.
This coating enhances the contrast of the bodies of animals to see clearly the shape that stands out in the surrounding environment. The game and the wildlife that stand out against the background of bushes, trees and shadows.
With STEINER Cobra simply see more!

The advantages of the new series Cobra
• High performance thanks to the High-Contrast Optical badged STEINER

• The coating STEINER Dynamic Contrast-Coating makes it easy to detect wildlife

• Proven functionality and ergonomics in the design and implementation
• The extreme robustness STEINER:

The innovative coating STEINER Dynamic Contrast-Coating and STEINER’s legendary rugged design make the Cobra series range of binoculars ideal for spotting game and wildlife.
Cobra 10 × 42 and 8x42
The 10x42 and 8x42model uses the new technology for lenses in orand 8x42 der to provide the highest level of contrast.

Thanks to its robust design and ease of use is the ideal companion for hunters.

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