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Binoculars are optical instruments that have the ability to exploit binocular vision. Made up of two binoculars assembled on the same axis that create an ergonomic shape, it was created to be placed on the nose and allow the view with both eyes, even at a great distance.

When choosing binoculars, one of the most important elements to consider is the magnifying glass. The magnification capacity of the lenses is in fact able to make the difference between different models of binoculars and positions them on different price ranges, in line with the needs of the buyer.

To choose the right binoculars, you should know that each biocouple has a code in numbers that gives precise information: the first number of the code always indicates the magnifying power of the binoculars, while the second number indicates the diameter of the main lens. Dividing the second number by the first one, we obtain the value of the output pupil, that is the diameter of the beam of light that will reach our eye. The higher the magnification capacity, the lower the brightness, because the angle becomes narrower and narrower.

The binoculars universally recognized as optimal for hunting is the 8x (or 8.5x), always defined as "twilight".

Brignoli Armi offers a wide range of bioculars from well-known brands, such as Steiner binoculars, Swarovski binoculars, Nikon binoculars.

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