Tetra® Gun 3-Piece Multi-Purpose Brush Set Tetra Gun

€5.74 €5.74
Tetra® Gun 3-Piece Multi-Purpose Brush Set
Use the Tetra® Gun care nylon brush to scrub fresh carbon or powder residue from the inside and outside of the barrel; the bronze brush for cleaning metal surfaces, such as slides, receivers and locking lugs; and the stainless brush to remove fouling and residue that the nylon and bronze brushes are not able to remove. Constructed of high-quality materials,our new brush set will not disappoint!

•All-urpose brushes with large-sized bristles to clean large areas
•Remove stubborn contaminants such as fouling and burn marks from firearm barrels
•Effectively apply lubricants and cleaning solvents
•Long, ridged handles for a firm grip
•Durable and reusable

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