Hunting clothing

The secret of hunting clothing is the "onion", that is the stratification of various garments on top of each other that allows you to vary without encumbrances and with maximum versatility the heaviness of your outfit. A system that protects the hunter from bad weather and temperature changes.

Another important feature of hunting clothing is the ability to blend in, hence the use of camouflage patterns to camouflage in the vegetation and make themselves less visible to animals.

Brignoli Armi offers a wide range of hunting clothing; the collection consists of hunting jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, socks, boots and boots. The collection includes accessories such as gloves and hats.

But what really distinguishes technical hunting clothing?
Certainly the cut, which must be perfect, comfortable and able to protect from the elements. Moreover, these garments must be multifunctional, hence the need to use only technical and high-performance materials. In short, hunting clothing must be practical and versatile to allow the hunter maximum freedom of action and the best protection.

The brands proposed by Brignoli Armi for hunting clothing are Beretta, Chameau, Kayland, and many others.

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Blaser Gilet Argali² Blaser
Blaser Gilet Argali²
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€95.46 €95.46 Regular Price €112.30
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Scarpone Avic GTX Kayland
Scarpone Avic GTX
€148.65 €148.65 Regular Price €228.69
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Scarpone Karatau GTX Kayland
Scarpone Karatau GTX
€153.97 €153.97 Regular Price €236.88
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Scarpone Langhe GTX ® Kayland
Scarpone Langhe GTX ®
€185.94 €185.94 Regular Price €286.06
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Scarpone Maniva GTX Kayland
Scarpone Maniva GTX
€153.97 €153.97 Regular Price €236.88
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Scarpone Moena GTX Kayland
Scarpone Moena GTX
€74.05 €74.05 Regular Price €113.93
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Scarpone Tusa GTX ® Kayland
Scarpone Tusa GTX ®
€143.32 €143.32 Regular Price €220.49
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Scarpone Tuscia GTX Kayland
Scarpone Tuscia GTX
€137.99 €137.99 Regular Price €212.29
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