Hunting in Romania

Hunting in Romania

Would you like to partecipate to a Hunting trip in Romania?

Gianni Brignoli's hunting adventures in Romania begin in the distant 1993 when the gun shop owner decises to organize the first trips with his closest friends. In January 2003, on the advice of his dearest friends, Gianni decides to start the hunting business in Romania.

After the great 2003 year's worth, the following year the Gun shop proposes again the hunting experience in Romanian terrain, introducing important innovations in order to offer a service of excellent both in terms of accommodation and transfers and the quality of the shotguns used. Therefor in March 2004 Gianni buys a house to be restored in Romania with the purpuse of maiking it a "home" for friends, customers and for all those who wish to go with him to his hunting trips.

Hunting passion

Establish an italian-style hunting house and equip it with all the comforts in a developing country like Romania wasn't easy at all. “It is my greatest satisfaction, says Gianni Brignoli, and I hope that hunters/ visitors and their families can have a taste of the same happiness I had in finding a little piece of Italy 2000km far from home.

Why Romania?

In Romania there are the best territories for migratory and sedentary hunting, the real one, not the repopulated one! During the whole their stay the Gun shop makes available to the his guests italian shotguns, molds, pales and everything necessary for the success of your hunting trips. “I was able to realize the project that I had been thinking about for some time -concludes- and even most of all, to find out how this initiative has captured the interest of many of our customers and the enthusiasm of those who have already lived it!”

I will be waiting for you!

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