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Hunting boots must be able to adapt to any type of territory: mountain, hill, or countryside.
There are many features to take into account when choosing a pair of boots, such as strength, comfort and water resistance, to allow the hunter to move in total safety and agility in any situation. 

In particular, waterproofing is essential. The foot must remain dry and the boot must be able to guarantee excellent thermal insulation. In addition, hunting boots must be comfortable, which is why it is important to choose the right size and test it with the right socks.
The main materials used to make hunting boots are neoprene and leather, different in price but equally valid and resistant over time. Closure is also important: they must be easy to fasten and the knot must not melt during the walk.
Therefore, long and resistant laces are preferable, destined to last over time. In addition, it is essential that the boots are as light as possible to avoid putting strain on the legs and hinder movements.

As far as boots are concerned, the characteristic that distinguishes them is their height, to be chosen according to the degree of protection required and the type of hunting practised.

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Scarpone Avic GTX Kayland
Scarpone Avic GTX
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Scarpone Karatau GTX Kayland
Scarpone Karatau GTX
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Scarpone Langhe GTX ® Kayland
Scarpone Langhe GTX ®
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Scarpone Maniva GTX Kayland
Scarpone Maniva GTX
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Scarpone Moena GTX Kayland
Scarpone Moena GTX
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Scarpone Tusa GTX ® Kayland
Scarpone Tusa GTX ®
€165.37 €165.37 Regular Price €220.49
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Scarpone Tuscia GTX Kayland
Scarpone Tuscia GTX
€159.22 €159.22 Regular Price €212.29
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