Sport shooting accessories

Sports shooting accessories meet the needs of customers with a sports firearm licence, i.e. the licence to own and use firearms for target shooting. Armeria Brignoli has a complete catalogue of sports shooting accessories, divided into 15 brands, including Beretta and Stilcrin. They are present:
- Bags, briefcases, backpacks, trolleys for the transport of materials useful for shooting activities;
- Sheaths, holsters and cheeks for pistols and rifles;
- Loaders;
- Headphones, earphones and caps, useful for soundproofing during the shooting session;
- Holders for ammunition;
- Protections such as muzzle support, hearing protection or pillows;
- Tactical straps for the carbine;
- Glasses with specialized lenses.
More than one hundred products make up the catalogue of accessories for sports shooting by Armeria Brignoli.

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