Hunting and shooting clothing

Hunting clothing is very important and must be equipped with a number of significant features to allow the hunter to be comfortable and stay dry. But that's not all: hunting gear is made to be clearly visible or, on the contrary, to blend in with the surrounding environment.
Brignoli Armi offers a wide range of clothing to wear during hunting trips.

The collection consists of hunting jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, socks, boots and boots of the best brands, such as Beretta, Chameau, Kayland and many more. The collections also include hunting gloves and hats. These items, all characterized by high visibility or, on the contrary, by an accurate camouflage, are suitable for any type of excursion.
Hunting clothes must protect the hunter from the elements. That's why each hunting garment is designed to offer maximum wearability, ensure lightness and allow the hunter to move in total freedom, without any constraints.
The hunter's attention when choosing clothing should be focused primarily on footwear. Hunting is a dynamic sport that takes the hunter into often extreme and uneven environments. Hence the need to choose boots that keep the foot dry and well protected from shocks.
For the rest, when choosing hunting clothing, it is recommended to follow the "rule of the onion" which provides a layered clothing: shirts and sweaters of wool, vests, sweaters, jackets and down jackets of different weights and materials, to be selected according to the season.

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