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Sports shooting clothing must combine functionality and - why not - aesthetics. The eye also wants its share, so Armeria Brignoli has selected the best garments from the Beretta and Gordon brands to propose to its customers, who in addition to following the fashion of the moment are a guarantee of comfort. Shooting clothing is not an insignificant appendix to the practice of sport because performance depends not only on the ability and quality of the equipment, but also on the ease guaranteed by the clothes. Armeria Brignoli offers the entire set of clothing for shooting: shirts, polo or t-shirts, fleece or vest, trousers and shoes, as well as accessories such as hats and gloves optimized for sports

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Cap Snapshot Browning
Cap Snapshot
Special Price €14.75 €14.75 Regular Price €16.39
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Sweatshirt Zip Snapshot Blue Browning
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Vest Phoenix Browning
Vest Phoenix
€58.28 €58.28 Regular Price €64.75
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Vest Snapshot Blue Browning
Vest Snapshot Blue
€87.79 €87.79 Regular Price €97.54
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