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Hunting and sport shooting have millions of fans around the world. Practiced by over 700,000 people in Italy alone, the main purpose of these activities is recreation. But not only: hunting is considered a noble sport because it promotes contact with nature.
Brignoli Armi offers a wide range of articles, accessories and spare parts for hunting and  sport shooting. Italian law does not allow the purchase online, but only in the Armory upon presentation of a regular license. On the other hand, ammunition, can be bought and held, subject to complaint in compliance with certain limits:
- Maximum 200 ammunition per gun or rifled carbine (intended as 200 in total between the different calibers, for example 100 cal. 22 and 100 cal. 9×21);
- Maximum 1500 cartridges per shotgun.
Rifle hunting is carried out with long weapons with manual or semi-automatic reloading and smooth barrel caliber not exceeding 12 grams or rifled barrel (carbine) caliber not less than 5.6 mm.
To practice hunting and shooting sports you need to know your weapon and be aware of its purpose and its peculiarities: that's why Armeria Brignoli is available to support the customer in the process of product selection.

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