Brighton Sweater with V-Neck Deerhunter

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Brighton sweater with V-neck

Deerhunter’s lovely lambswool sweater is the perfect garment for cosy post-hunt gatherings, and when worn under a jacket will keep you warm in chilly weather.

The V-neck is ideal for a shirt and tie, and suitable for shooting parties and other social events - also available with a round neck.

  • Lambswool
  • V-neck
  • Knitwear with elastane for a good and lasting fit

Wool is a natural material with many great properties. We use wool in clothing such as knitted sweaters, socks and underwear, where we exploit its softness and ability to regulate heat, so that the body always has the right temperature.
Products containing wool, need special care. Wool cannot withstand normal machine washing, but must be washed using a special gentle wool programme. If your washing machine does not have a special wool programme, it is better to wash the clothes by hand. You can spin dry wool clothing in the washing machine, but it cannot handle being tumble-dried.
When you wash wool, you must use a special wool detergent that does not contain enzymes.

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