Prostaff 7 4-16x50SF Matte IL R4 w/Dot Nikon

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PROSTAFF 7 IL with illuminated network has been conceived for the European hunter. Ideal both for the wisecrack to the English and for the hunting from follows, the system of illumination of this spyglass for carbine offers an ample fan of intensity in 32 gradual passages to suit for the environment of hunting.It boasts an ample visual field and it has a pipe of 30 mm that assures a wider course of regulations of altitude and deviation. The gradation of the regulation adopts the metric system, where 1 click = 15 mm to 100 ms. Easy to operate, the control function of the illumination with ergonomic planning allows to regulate the intensity of the light or to activate and to disarm with a simple button. Anti-appannamento and anti-bump it is impermeable characteristics that make him/it also enough strong and reliable under extreme conditions. Great Visibility For An Easier Aim - Anywhere and in any moment devotes yourself to the hunting, the system of illumination of the PROSTAFF 7 IL helps yourself to easily suit you for the environmental conditions. The illuminated point is an original design Nikon and allows you to regulate the intensity of the formulations from extremely dark to very bright, with 32 gradual passages. With the greatest visibility, to succeed in bringing the target in the visual field is easier than never. - AMPLE VISUAL FIELD AND SUPERIOR OPTIONS OF REGULATION. The wide field of view allows you to easily locate and follow the target while thanks to the 30 mm tube you can enjoy a greater range of adjustment of deviation and altitude, which ensures versatility and flexibility for all conditions. Precise adjustments that can be made with the function of instantaneous reset (quick reset) spring, which significantly facilitates the operation. - THE PROSTAFF 7 IL is designed to optimize the simplicity of operation in every aspect. Making adjustments is simple with the gradation calculated with the metric system that facilitates its use in Europe: 1 click = 15 mm to 100 m.   

ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR THE MAXIMUM COMFORT - - The ergonomic design of the lighting control function significantly facilitates light intensity adjustment and activation and deactivation with the simple use of a button. The generous distance of accomodation of the eye protects the eyebrow arch, even with the powerful rifles from the strong recoil of today, while the eyepiece of rapid pointing allows an extremely easy adjustment. - ROBUST AND RESISTANT IN ANY AIR CONDITION - - The PROSTAFF 7 ensures extraordinary performance in any weather condition. It is waterproof, anti-fog and impact-resistant, features that make it robust and reliable.Wherever your hunt takes you, it is ready to give you the expected performance, without any hesitation. Grid No. 4 with Dot -- Opaque colour -- Actual magnifications (x) 4-16 -- Actual lens diameter (mm) 50 -- exit pupil (with maximum magnification) (mm) 3.1 -- Lens accommodation distance (mm) 101.6 (at 4x)/91.44 (at 16x) -- Tube diameter (mm)30 --External diameter of the objective (mm)60,3 -- External diameter of the eyepiece (mm) 44 -- Adjustment gradation (mm/1 click) 10 mm at 100 m -- Adjustment gradation (MOA/1 click) 0,36 -- Maximum internal adjustment (MOA) 90 -- Parallax setting (m) 50~-- Field of view at 100 m (m) 9.1 (at 4x)/2.3 (at 16x) -- Length (mm) 376 -- Weight (g) 630 .

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