20 rounds 9mm standard magazine Series 92 fs - Shiny Beretta

€32.70 €32.70

Universal 9mm magazine with 20 rounds capacity for Beretta 92/98 series pistols with shiny black finish and polymer pad.

Recommended for pratical (IPSC) use: the shiny finish reduce friction and makes it smoother, facilitating both the extraction from the magazine pouch and the insertion / extraction into the gun.

It uses a black polymer follower (code # C5B789) it can be replaced with the high visibility one with code # C5E019


WARNING: the 20-round magazine is longer than the original ones and therefore protrudes from the pistol (below) by a few centimeters; Compatibility with flap magazine pouches must also be checked.

Some examples of compatible weapons: 92X - 98FS- 92FS - 98 Brigadier - 92 Brigadier - 98FS Inox - 98FS Target - 92FS Target - 92A1 - M9 - M9A1 - M9A3 - 90-Two - 92SB - CX4


Marked 9mm, it will fit both:

  • 9x19mm
  • 9x21mm


  • Pistol magazines up to 20 rounds are legal and free for sale
  • The reporting of pistol magazines is not mandatory
  • A few centimeters longer than the supplied 15 or 17 round magazines

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