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Brignoli Gun Shop is authorized seller of guns, spare parts, accessories and Beretta clothing and it is able to offer to its customers, offline and online, the whole catalogue of Beretta accessories and its  current prices catalog.

The Beretta Holding Spa, company established in 1995 at over 500 years distant from its birth of the same name of industrial group, has its headquarters in Gardone Val Trompia, a city not far from Brescia and the heart of italian ward armourer. Admitted leader in light portable gun sector, suitable for sport and hunting activites and for personal defence, nowadays the number of partner companies increases constantly, such as outcome of a cautious policy of investments and strategic purchases, carried out in order to spread progressively the products range and to pledge a commercial device pointed towards to the principal markets where it works.

The Beretta production (about 1500 guns every days) covers almost all the portable gun range: over and under shotguns and shooting and hunting syde by syde shotguns of different calibers and of different finishing levels, semi-automatic shotguns, express, semi-automatic pistols (from cal. 22 short to cal. 45 Auto), military automatic shotguns. The production covers averagely the 90%. Gun exportation  overcomes the 75% and concerns more than one hundreed countries.

Job, creativity, respect of tradition, attention to the customer, combined to studies and continuous updates, tecnologic improvement and advanced manufacture methods, are the foundations on which Beretta has established its image and  from which descend sport and military guns, which from 1526 bear the brand of the most antique gun company all over the world.

Find out all the guns, the spare parts, the accessories and the Beretta clothing and contact our Gun Shop for all informations.

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