The Teknetics Gamma 6000 Metal Detector features a large, crystal clear and easy to read, identification meter. This new design enables even the novice of detectorists to see the treasures they’ve found before they begin to dig!
•Two-Digit Numerical Target ID System
•Tone Discrimination
•Number of Tones: 4
•79 Levels of Adjustable Discrimination
•Multiple Notches Selectable by Categories
•Fully Static Push-Button Pinpoint
•Adjustable Sensitivity
•Battery Life Indicator
•Intuitive Menu System
•Numerical Depth Readout
•Running Depth Indicator
•Audio Pitch Proportional to Signal Strength
•Rubber-Button Control Interface
•2 Search Modes ◦Discrimination Mode
◦All Metals Motion Mode

•Overload Alarm System
•Transmit Frequency: 7.8 kHz
•Ground Grab
•Manual Ground Balance
•Ground Mineralization Readout
•8” Open-Face Coil System
•5 Year Limited Warranty

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