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Austrian-made Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42 WB are binoculars that utilize the best materials and optic techniques. This is the 3rd generation of such binoculars which came out in 2021 and brought along several changes. When it comes to the first and second generation of Swarovski EL Range binoculars, which came out in 2011 and 2015, there were only minor changes introduced in the latter, namely a different eyepiece cover, materials, and a better carrying strap solution. Now, with the third generation, the changes are bigger, as Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42 WB is a completely new device with obvious improvements.

Features of Swarovski EL Range Binoculars

  • SWAROVISION technology (field-flattening lens system)

  • LED display

  • Fluoride HD lens

  • Extra-low dispersion (ED) glass

  • Fully multi-coated lenses (Swarodur and Swarotop)

  • Phase correction (Swarobright)

  • Dielectric prism coatings

  • BaK-4 Prisms

  • Lightweight magnesium Body

  • Rugged rubber armouring

  • Multi-position eyecups

  • Central focusing wheel

  • Tripod adaptable

  • 10 % wider FOV compared to the previous generation

  • Waterproof and fog-proof (nitrogen gas purged)

  • Watertight (4 meters/13 feet)

  • Advanced ballistic calculator

  • Forehead rest compatibility

  • An additional button on the left barrel

  • Compatibility with a smartphone app (Wi-fi Connectivity)

  • Tracking assistant

Physical Properties

Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42 WB is an immensely elegant pair of binoculars dressed in Swarovski's signature green. The unique flat field design eliminates the curvature of the field, offering a quite surreal view free of any edge distortions. The EL-Range also has an exceptionally ergonomic design with rubber armouring. Its lightweight magnesium body, open-bridge design, and units under both barrels all help to make your grip very secure in just one hand and reduce fatigue when carrying the binoculars around for a longer time.

The binoculars sport an open-bridge design, which is simple to handle, as well as comfortable. The eyepieces are of great quality, as well as comfortable. For now, this model of EL-Range binoculars only comes in their typical green colour.

Many functions have been added to the third generation of EL-Range binoculars, so it was only logical for Swarovski to add a button – there is an additional one on the bottom part of the left barrel, on the bulb, which is easy to reach. Ergonomics are great and overall, Swarovski knows how to take care of the aesthetics.

Optical Properties

Swarovski EL Range TA WB is the first generation of EL-Range binoculars to use Swarovision technology, which is based on a field flattening lens system. Swarovision means that the image fills up the entire field of view when looking through them. It offers impressive colour fidelity, an outstanding detail resolution, and edge-to-edge sharpness.

There is no tint when looking through the barrels, which is rare when it comes to LRF-binoculars. Even though it has a laser system, the EL-Range is one of the few on the market that provides an image of the same quality as similarly priced standard binoculars. Swarovski EL Range binoculars provide a 90% light transmission rate which is incredibly difficult to achieve in the world of LRF-binoculars.

With the Swarovski EL Range, it is easy to set a proper eye-relief as the eyecups can be fixed in four positions. The focusing works great, and the knob can be turned for two whole revolutions. It produces some resistance when turned but not too much. The surface is wavy to provide a better grip.

There is also diopter compensation on both oculars, which provide compatible focus when the viewer's eyes have differing visual capabilities. These rings can be pulled out and turned, and the user can adjust them on one eye first and then on the other. The diopter compensation mode is inside the menu to make the adjusting easier.

EL-Range Configurator

The EL-range Configurator is a smartphone app for Android and IOS devices. The app can be used to change some binoculars’ settings, set ballistic profiles, use the tracking assistant function, and transfer all of these on the binoculars. To pair the device, the Bluetooth on the smartphone needs to be turned on, and both buttons on the EL-Range should be held simultaneously. When the button turns blue, it means that the EL-Range is in pairing mode, and the user can transfer the data from the mobile phone to the EL-Range.

Tracking Assistant

Tracking assistant is an extremely useful innovation in the field of sport optics, and Swarovski was the first to introduce the feature. The purpose of the tracking assistant is to help the user find the harvested animal.

There is an option to use the feature with or without a smartphone. When using it with a smartphone, the last 3 measurements are transferred to the app, where you have two options: to see the initial point of measurement and the goal of the measurement on the map or the cursor shows where the user needs to go, and the approximant distance to the intended location. This helps when in search of a location, especially in areas where it is difficult to navigate, like on mountain ranges.

When using the tracking assistant without a smartphone, the binoculars still recall the last 3 measurements. Next, the user goes into the menu and chooses one of the 3 measurements to enable tracking. When this is done, the user goes to the desired measured location, and if in need of the tracking assistant, take the binoculars and measure the distance to the first location, so the display shows where to go – the direction and the distance.

Before using the tracking assistant, it is optimal to calibrate the electronic compass in the EL-Range, especially if one is at a different location as before.

Advanced Ballistics Calculator

The user of Swarovski EL Range TA 10x42 WB has the option of creating three ballistic profiles. The user chooses their ammunition, specifies the outside temperature and the altitude, chooses their riflescope, etc. Once a ballistic profile is created, the data are ready to transfer.

The app also enables the user to decide whether the bullet drop correction will be shown in MOA or MIL. With Swarovski riflescopes, the user even has the option of the bullet drop correction being displayed in the number of clicks needed in the elevation turret. The correction is shown on the display of the LRF binoculars under the measured distance.

Forehead Rest Compatibility

Swarovski first introduced the forehead rest accessory in the middle of 2020, when the NL Pure binoculars came onto the market. This was a completely new product, and they were the first to put it out. The purpose of this forehead rest is to get an extra point of contact with your face, as instead of two points of contact, now you get three. This is how a better-stabilized image, as well as extra comfort, is achieved. The forehead rest can be set to multiple positions, so it can be optimally adjusted to the desired face shape.

The attachment method: a section of it replaces the battery cover (which needs to be removed beforehand). The other section is a pin, which is to be inserted into a socket on the left barrel.

Model Range

Swarovski EL Range TA WB comes in two configurations, namely the 8x42 model and the 10x42 model.

8x42: one of the most popular configurations, which is excellent also for beginners. In comparison to higher magnifications, the 8x42 has the widest field of view, and it is best for image stabilization.

10x42: extremely popular when it comes to LRF binoculars. In comparison to the 8x magnification, 10x has a narrower field of view. When it comes to image stabilization it is more difficult, but it shows more details. 

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