Thermal Imaging Clip-On Luchs 1 Liemke

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He's fast, silent, and his eyes are six times as sensitive to light as a human's. This means that it not only sees its prey in the twilight, but also recognizes it at great distances in complete darkness: the lynx.

We have made use of precisely these properties for the latest LIEMKE lens attachment. Experience the darkness through the eyes of the nocturnal hunter - with the LIEMKE LUCHS-1


640x512 12μm VOx sensor for a high-contrast and detailed image
Large field of view of 22m / 100m
Range of 1,750m
Enduring thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery with up to 9 hours of running time
32 GB internal storage
Absolutely repeatable thanks to a precisely matched collimator

Ready to use at any time - start time of just 5 seconds
Whisper-quiet calibration process


Sensor 640 × 512 12μm VOx
Objective lens 35mm / F1.0
Field of view 22x17.6m / 100m
Discovery distance 1750m
Optical magnification 1x (2x direct zoom available)
Refresh rate 50 Hz
Display 1024x768 OLED color display
Integrated battery, up to 9 hours of running time
External power supply USB-C
Wireless connection / storage WiFi / 32GB internal storage
Connection thread M43x0.75
Waterproof IP67
Operating temperature -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Size 161x64x65mm
Weight 580g

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