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These binoculars come with Swarovski EL SwaroVision technology that provides you with exceptional crystal-clear images featuring a remarkable color fidelity. The images stay true to color and sharpness from edge-to-edge.

Swarovski Optics is a family-run business, and it deals in binoculars and sport optics. All the binoculars are entirely made in Austria. These binoculars come with a heavy price tag on them, and they are meanest for serious users who want their optics to last for a lifetime. 

The wraparound grip and ergonomic design allow you to hold it for long hours and watch a bird’s flight without any fatigue. 

Lens quality

Swarovski uses high-quality fluoride glass to construct EL series lens, which means you’ll not see any color fidelity. The color production is close to real life, and that’s what makes it the best pair of binoculars for nature observers. These lenses feature Swarovski SwaroVision optical coatings to enhance the sharpness and clarity of the views. 

The phase-coated roof prisms used in these binoculars ensure greater light transmission to enjoy bright images during low light conditions. 

With the help of a field flattener lens, you get a wide field of view even if you wear eyeglasses. It means you can see the tiniest details appear razor-sharp throughout the image.

Image quality

You’ll see high-definition imaging with the Swarovski EL binos due to the field-flattening lenses that guarantee edge-to-edge sharpness. It means that you can always enjoy distortion-free images without any blurred edges. 

We also noticed pin-sharp contours, true-to-life colors, and high contrast for ensuring great details. The SwarVison lens coating does its job quite effectively to ensure better light handling and excellent color rendering. 

All SwaroVision EL binoculars guarantee over 90% light transmission, and a large exit pupil makes a better option to try out in twilight conditions. 

Construction and quality

Even with such high-quality optics, these binoculars don’t feel heavy in your hand and have a very ergonomic design built to take on the outdoors toll. 

Body and grip

Due to the magnesium-alloy chassis, you can store them in temperatures -22 to +158 °F. With wraparound rubber armoring, they feel very comfortable in your hands, even in moist conditions. 

Swarovski has nitrogen-purged, and O-ring sealed these binoculars to make them fog and waterproof. Therefore, you can use them comfortably in the rain. 

These binoculars are tripod adaptable but you can only use a Swarovski tripod with them. They also come with lockable diopter settings so you can avoid random shifting of any kind. 

Focus wheel and focusing

These binoculars’ focus mechanism is pretty settled with satisfying clicks, and it’s not overly sensitive. It will allow you to adjust according to your needs and pretty comfortably. 

When you are up close at around 5 feet, you will notice how precise this mechanism is. And at any magnification, you will always get highly accurate colors. You will experience the accuracy of colors when you view little hummingbirds using your EL binoculars. 

The focusing was placed nicely due to the ergonomic design, and it features non-slip streaks on it so you can use it effortlessly, even in moist conditions. 

Eyecups and lens covers

Finally, I found a binocular that has resolved the lens cover issue. I love the way Swarovski Optik EL covers attach and detach. It means that you won’t have to deal with any lost covers, but you will get plenty of protection from any impacts.

Swarovski has used high-quality materials to construct these caps to blend them well with the overall design. They are not excessively overweight either to make them flopping around when you are using your binoculars. The eyecups are pretty comfortable to use, even for long sessions.  

Swarovski EL model sizes

There are six different sizes available in the Swarovski EL series. The most popular of them all is the 8.5×42 and 10×32 among the birders. Hunters find 10×42 more useful, though. By the way, for serious astronomers, 12×50 are best. 

The following table contains a detailed overview of all the available sizes in this model. 

  8×32 8.5×42 10×32 10×42 10×50 12×50
Magnification 8x 8.5 10x 10x 10x 12x
Objective lens diameter 32mm 42mm 32mm 42mm 50mm 50mm
Eye relief 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 19mm
Exit pupil 4mm 4.9mm 3.2mm 4.2mm 5mm 4.2mm
Linear field of view 432 feet/1000 yards 399 feet/1000 yards 360 feet/1000 yards 336 feet/1000 yards 345 feet/1000 yards 300 feet/1000 yards
Angular field of view 8.0 degrees 7.6 degrees 6.9 degrees 6.4 degrees 6.6 degrees 5.7 degrees
Close focus 6.2 feet 10.8 feet 6.2 feet 10.8 feet 9.2 feet 9.2 feet
Dimensions (Height/Width) 2.2×5.0 inches 2.4×5.2 inches 2.2×5.0 inches 2.4×5.2 inches 2.6×5.2 inches 2.6×5.2 inches
Weight 21 oz 29.5 oz 21 oz 29.6 oz 35 oz 35 oz
Handheld Great for on the go Better to use when stationary Great for on the go Better to use when stationary Not suitable for shaky hands You need a tripod.

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